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“For years, my husband and I have been trying to conceive a baby by ourselves through the help of our physician. However, our efforts have failed because my body wouldn’t respond to infertility medication. I was referred to Meredith Qian’s clinic and her wonderful practice by a friend. After deciding to see Meredith exclusively for treatment for 3 months, I found out that I had become pregnant, with absolutely no medication! Meredith also helped cure my constant sciatica pain on my back and legs during my pregnancy. Even after my pregnancy, Meredith helped me get rid of my poor lactation and urination difficulties. Now my baby boy is 11 months old, weighs 26 pounds, healthy, and adorably cute. My whole family is happy and thankful for Meredith's superb acupuncture treatment.”

- Ashley T., - Beverly Hills

Pain Control

"I want to say thank you for the tremendous service Qiwei Zheng and Meredith Qian have done for me, just a few weeks ago, I had so much pain running through my back that I couldn't sleep at night. With Zheng's herbs and Meredith's Acupuncture treatment, I immediately feel into a deep slumber in their cozy clinic, and after a few treatments, my condition improved to the point that my insomnia completely disappeared! They are such wonderful doctors who sincerely care about their patients, they are the type of doctors who will go out of their way to treat your ailments. As a satisfied patient, I highly recommend them!"

- Emily S., - Westwood

Gastrointestinal Disorders

"Dear Meredith Qian,

Thank you so much. I seem to be completely cured! I plan to just see how things go from here. If I have any further [Gastrointestinal] problems, you will certainly hear from me.

Right now I'm a very happy person. Again, thanks.

-Joan B., - Beverly Hills


“After having intermittent allergy-induced asthma for over 20 years, I’ve found that Acupuncture has incredibly strengthened my immune system. As a result of having Acupuncture treatments for the past 2 years, I’ve been worry free and have yet to step into an emergency room. I do not have asthma now. I believe Acupuncture in conjunction with my medications has helped me control my asthma attacks. I’m energetic, healthy, and fit. I’m blessed to have found Meredith Qian & Zheng!”

- Robert M., - Bel-Air

Back Pain

"For as long as I remember, I have had back problems ranging from minor aches to full-blown episodes where I was unable to move without excruciating pain. After one recent episode, I was literally at my wits. I had seen an orthopedic surgeon who was only able to provide me with pain medication that merely masked the pain. At times, the pain would even prevent me from working for weeks. Out of desperation I began looking for alternative treatments and found Qian and Zheng. I am very happy that I did!

When I first visited Qian and Zheng I was in awful pain. I couldn’t walk upright and had to have a friend drive me to my appointment. However, by the end of my first visit I could stand up straighter; after the second By the end of my first visit I could stand up straighter, after the second, I could stand completely upright with little pain. After several visits I was recovering so fast that I soon regained my full range of motion.

I know people are skeptical about Acupuncture. I was too. However, there is no pain involved in these treatment. This may sound strange but I actually looked forward to my treatments every week. I often told Qian that it felt like a day at the spa - the needles have a relaxing and warming effect and their clinic is so relaxing and serene that I feel so relieved everything I go for treatment.

After meeting Qian and Zheng I couldn’t be more grateful or impressed with this outstanding alternative to Western Medicine. Both Qian and Zheng are highly professional, expertly trained, and very caring practitioners who have treated very prominent people (ask them when you come, they’ll be glad to tell you). They are Acupuncturists I trust completely and recommend wholeheartedly to anyone considering Acupuncture; they are the people that you want to see in Beverly Hills!”

- Britney K., - Brentwood


I had considerable headaches for two years without much avail. I first went to see my family physician, and all he gave me was aspirin. I went to my neurologist and told me that everything was “fine” with me. I didn’t think I was “fine” because I had headaches everyday. So one of my friends who had received some Acupuncture treatments from Qian suggested that I give Acupuncture a try, and so I did.

I never imagined what acpuncture would do for me until I met Qian and Zheng. They were so professional about their work; they patiently and enthusiastically explained Acupuncture and Herbology to me and how they could help me treat my headaches. It was a good thing that I believed them because after only ONE treatment my headache had instantly cleared. After three treatments, my headaches completely dissipated. It was such an unbelievable experience, if you have any headache related ailments, go and give Qian and Zheng a try! They are the best at what they do and you’ll never regret your decision. I promise!

- Brian G., - Los Angeles

Side Effects Reduction of Chemotherapy

Dear Meredith Chunyi Qian,

My experience with Meredith Qian has been extremely positive - she has been treating me throughout my chemotherapy & Radiation treatments - and I believe that the Acupuncture treatments have been most beneficial - I'm very lucky to have found Meredith, and to be under her care.

-Amy R. L. - Brentwood

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