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What are Herbs?

Chinese Herbology is an important component of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The application of various herbal supplements that is adjusted according to individual disorders is a very effective and powerful ancient Chinese healing art. The Chinese have used them for about 5,000 years.

The Beverly Hills Acupuncture and herbology Medical Center combines the best ancient original herbal indications with modern and current herbal research to form different formulas for each individual patient. Each patient receives focused attention and every herbal supplement package is uniquely optimized and constructed for each and every patient.

The center is proud to offer a comprehensive and full array of herbal supplements to accommodate the health care needs of the public.

The following illustrates a few herbal combinations.
Beverly Hills Acupuncture Herb example1

To strengthen energy and protect you from aging


Beverly Hills Acupuncture Herb example2
To keep respiratory system health and be free of allergy reaction


Beverly Hills Acupuncture Herb example3

To reduce stress level

Beverly Hills Acupuncture Herb example4

To power up your immune system

Beverly Hills Acupuncture Herb example 5

To enhance general health and prevent decreased sexual functions


Beverly Hills Acupuncture Herb example6

To maintain a healthy circulatory system and
tonify blood


Beverly Hills Acupuncture Herb example7

To improve fertility for both men and women

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